Friday, February 15, 2013

The Dickens Challenge

Celebrating Dickens

To celebrate the anniversary of Charles Dickens I was able to complete two novels, The Mystery of Edwin Drood and A House to Let.

I find Charles Dickens a delightful author. The challenge allowed me to venture into two more novels I would not have read had it not been for the challenge.

I got a bit side tracked and missed Character Thursday this new week. I wanted to write about a favorite character from, A House to Let, Trottle.

Trottle is a faithful servant to Sophonisba or Sarah. He has been her servant for many years. He finds a new home for her in London across the street from, A House to Let. Trottle sees that all the arrangements for moving are made and carried through. He has a rival, Mr. Jaber. Both men have romantic inclinations towards Sarah and both work hard to find the mysteries of strange behavior at, A House to Let. Mr.Trottle in the end becomes the hero in finding the answers which deeply rewards Sarah.

Trottle has great strengths, insight, and intelligence. It could be hard to use his merits as he is a servant – still he goes about finding the mysteries of A House to Let. I have enormous respect for his decision making abilities and the way in which he goes about it.

♥  Thanks to Fanda for hosting this wonderful challenge!

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