Friday, February 15, 2013

Social Justice Challenge

Social Justice Theme

For the Social Justice Challenge I was able to read four books – To Kill a Mockingbird, In Cold Blood, Malcolm X, and The Jungle.

I cannot say I had a favorite read. All the books were beyond good and each has led me in a different direction of understanding and continued reading.

I have found I have fallen in love with Southern and Southern Gothic literature. From this genre I have also read, Other Voices, Other Rooms, and Salvage the Bones. To Kill a Mockingbird, has become my favorite novel and In Cold Blood I have discovered an author with a new form of writing. The most informative book was Malcolm X with its history of black immigration from the south to the north, and the jungle was the saddest novel I have yet to read which really showed a need for some sort of social change.

It has been an incredible journey and an excellent start to the New Year.

Thanks to Rachel for hosting this wonderful challenge!

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