Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Classics Spin

The Classics Club

A Classics Club Spin

Choose twenty books for February and March, numbering from one to twenty. A number will be chosen and that specific book will be read by April 1st.

I broke down my list into the suggested categories of dreaded reads, can’t wait reads, neutral reads and free choice reads.

The choices, of course, are from my Classics List of books to read over the next five years.

  1. Little Dorrit – Charles Dickens
  2. More Annotated H.P. Lovecraft – H.P. Lovecraft, S.T.Joshi & Peter Cannon
  3. The Transition of H.P.Lovecraft – The Road to Madness – H.P. Lovecraft
  4. The Dream Cycle – Dreams of Terror and Death – H.P. Lovecraft
  5. Maggie: A Girl of the Streets – Stephen Crane
  6. Women In Love – D.H. Lawrence
  7. The Great Gatsby – F. Scott Fitzgerald
  8. The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson Burnett
  9. The Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen
  10. The Solitary Summer – Elizabeth von Armin
  11. Washington Square – Henry James
  12. Lolita – Vladmir Nabokov
  13. Henry & June – Anais Nin
  14. As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner
  15. The Lifted Veil – George Elliot
  16. The Bell Jar – Silva Plath
  17. Sandition – Jane Austen
  18. There Eyes Were Watching God – Zora N. Hurston
  19. The Trail – Franz Kafa
  20. Adam Bede – George Elliot


  1. Oy, lots of Lovecraft love in your list :) I should read that too. Nice list! I also have Ibsen's Doll House in my big CC list and can't wait to tackle it. Good luck with the spin!

  2. I just finished The Great Gatsby so I could remind myself about the story before seeing the Baz Luhrman movie. I loved it to pieces (again), so I hope for your sake it's no. 7!!


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