Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Quote

Woman Reading On Settee_William W. Churchill

"The earth still pulls at us because it it is not ourselves -
it is still the source for our moments of glory and our since of brilliance;
the visionary experience is still the real thing.
But we have lost our certainty of God and, therefore, faced with this power
which is not ourselves, we find it loose and violent.
We are afraid. It is an odd paradox that in a world which we see no longer
anthropocentric or anthropomorphic,
a world where things are themselves to be seen, and studied, and known, our
religious interests, our crises of the soul, have become more narrowly
and exclusively human. The humanist morality, personal love, deep relationships,
honesty, is arguably our most complete way now of arranging ourselves to meet life
But at time when we are alone with what is human, we are terribly unprovided."
~The Shadow of the Sun by, A.S.Byatt   Henry -Anna's Father

♥ my thoughts – painting by William W. Churchill entitled ~Woman Reading on Settee

Sometimes we attempt with much effort to give meaning to all we feel and what we see as we feel.
Take a freshly fallen snow - dripping icicles, and maybe the how of shadows falling from the street lights on the snow. Sometimes we have failed to acknowledge the creator in all the greatness that exists in our lives, throughout the world and beyond. And sometimes we simply do not have all the answers and yet continue our search for something deeper.

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Weekend Quote

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