Thursday, January 31, 2013

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After reading three novels by Charles Dickens, I find ~Hard Times~ to be my least favorite novel. I don’t like the male characters and especially that of Mr. Boundby. He is not only a lecher – he is a loud, uncouth individual who consistently perpetrates a fraud , in word and deed.

Mr. Gradgrind’s character of a father imposes his utilitarian beliefs on almost everyone. It especially has almost ruined his daughter Louisa. At one point in the novel she cannot decipher one feeling from another.

Tom Gradgrind, another child of Mr. Gradgrind has no idea how to tell the truth most certainly and abuses the love and devotion of his sister, Louisa.

James Harthouse is on the prowl and imposes himself on Louisa with false claims of love.

Maybe that was the intent of Dickens to ruffle the reader’s feathers. I thought deeply after reading this book how much of imposing another’s will on anybody can do such harm and especially that of a woman.

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