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Katherine Anne Porter–An Essay

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The Necessary Enemy’ (written in 1948). This essay is found in, The Oxford Book of Essays by, John Gross.

The author of the essay writes of a young couple, who could be any young couple. The husband and wife have gone by the rules, built a solid foundation for themselves – seemingly share the same interests and plan to spend their adult lives together.

Somehow I feel the romance part of their marriage has subsided, and perhaps it was not included in the original plan.

‘she’, the young woman is entirely too hard on herself as she finds herself horrified at her feelings towards her husband at times – she hates him on some days.

In her childhood ‘she’ is taught by her parents to ‘control your feelings’. ‘she’ has pushed her feelings down and now they lay in buried layers close to her core. ‘she’ also cannot bear the fact others could hate her.

‘Hate’ I feel after reading this essay also lives in the core waiting patiently to let itself be known. It doesn’t make the emotion ‘hate’ good or bad, wrong or right, it just is. I believe repressing emotions caters to our dark side and will emerge sooner or later in the shadow side of an archetype.

Katherine_Anne_Porter Katherine Anne Porter, 1890 - 1980 was an American author from Texas and regarded as the master of the short-story. Ship of Fools was her long novel and a best seller which was made into a movie in 1965.

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