Saturday, January 19, 2013

Desperate Measures

Jane Austen Digital_A

Desperate Measures – A Regency Short Story by, Candice Hern

♥ spoilers

A beautifully written short story of a young woman finding love for the first time. Lydia already knows in heart she loves Geoffrey Danforth – she isn’t sure how to convey this message to him. She is in her second season of husband searching which causes some speculation of becoming an old maid for both Lydia and her mother. Her brother Daniel and his friend Philip have mastered a plan to attract the dashing young man, Geoffrey. Will the plan work in Lydia’s favor and will the story bring a happily ever after ending?


Regency Romance Reading Challenge 2013: Featuring Candice Hern

Regency World – the pages of Candice Hern

Challenge taking place at, Austenprose

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