Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Stories

Christmas TreeA nthony Trollope’s short story writing covers the period from 1866 until his death in 1882. This also was his prime fiction-writing time. He was loved by the British public and during his last illness treated by the Queen’s physician. He is by far my favorite male author.

Christmas Day at Kirkby Cottage, is a tender love story of a young girl, Isabel Lownd deciding if she would marry Maurice Archer. The young man has somewhat angered Isabel with his comments of the coming Christmas Day, '’After all, Christmas is a bore.” Isabel is the daughter of the parson, Rev. John Lownd. Isabel decorates the church at Kirkby Cliffe and has enlisted Maurice’s help in doing so.

“ Isabel desired to greet the morning of her Savior’s birth with some special demonstration of joy.”
“A prettier little church or graveyard you shall hardly find in England.”

The church is decorated and Christmas Day arrives with a first refusal from Isabel of marriage to Maurice. The story continues its travels and one sees love to triumph with a promise that Christmas Day will never be worded as bored again.


It has been said, “Christmas at Thompson Hall” was Trollope’s funniest short story written. A woman, Mrs. Brown, traveling to family with her sickly husband, hoping to arrive on Christmas Eve finds herself in grave straits after applying a mustard plaster to the wrong man, in the wrong hotel room. By avoiding her mistakes and not giving explanations she arouses many suspicions by everyone. Her and Mr. Brown arrive at their destination and so does the man given the horrible treatment in error. Mrs. Brown and Mr. Jones soon find they will be family members.

“Then all went to church as a united family ought to do on Christmas Day, and came home to a fine old English early dinner …"

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